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Bold as Hell - Te koop bij Sigaren De Wolf in Aalst




Camacho Corojo Robusto Tubos

The authentic classic smoke. From vintage Cuban seed “liberated” from the island. 100% genuine Corojo, the thoroughbred leaf. Slowly aged, like a fine rum. Robust, yet smooth. A most legendary smoke.
Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Authentic Corojo (5th priming)
Binder: Authentic Corojo
Filler: Authentic Corojo (3 primings)
50 x 5
Taste: Smooth, Vintage Flavor





Camacho Connecticut Robusto Tubos

This is one Camacho smoke that doesn’t kick in the door. It knocks. And enters with a mild, smooth taste. But don’t mistake mildness for weakness. This smoke is 100% Camacho. With a spicy kick. Boldness meets balance. We think you two will get along.
Origin: Ecuador, Honduras & Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Connecticut (Ecuador)
Binder: Authentic Corojo
Filler: Generoso (HN) & Aleman Ligero
50 x 5
Taste: Silky, Smooth, Balanced





Camacho Criollo Robusto Tubos

The full flavor without the full throttle. This medium-body smoke has Camacho written all over it. Our Criollo leaf sees extra sun rays—so it packs an extra pop of spice to complement a mellow sweetness. It’s a true Camacho smoke that’s also at home uptown.
Origin: Honduras & Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Criollo 98 (4th Priming)
Binder: Authentic Corojo
Filler: Criollo (HN) & Piloto Cubano (DR)
50 x 5
Taste: Spicy, Sweet, Aromatic




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